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Tamper detection

MEZORY® IP cameras feature built-in and license free software to detect tampering behaviors. If a fixed camera has been redirected, the lens has been hooded with some material or masked, an alarm will generate to alert to the tampering.

Motion detection

MEZORY® distinguishes between motion in a given direction and has higher reliability compared to simple motion detection.

Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA)

Video Analytics on MEZORY® cameras includes: Motion Detection, Trip zone, Enter/Exit functions, which detect if a breech has occurred in a predefined area and tampering detection that automatically alarms when a camera is disrupted.

Using integrated VMS solution, MEZORY® IP cameras can perform more intelligent analytic tasks such as loitering, trip-wire, idle object, object removed, trajectory, speed and size filters.

Closed Loop Configuration with Forensic Search

Forensic Search technology directly impacts the usability of the video by allowing instantaneous testing on existing recorded video. You no longer need to rely on feedback of historical accuracy to confidently predict future accuracy. An accurate IVA configuration automatically leads to fewer false alarms and less noise.

Ease of Use

Automatic detection through Mezory-IP provides a Plug & Play feature with MEZORY® NVR System. MEZORY also uses constant feedback to improve our Intelligent Video Analytics user interface. The configuration and calibration interface has been optimized to allow a user to accurately calibrate any scene within minutes.


Multiple H.264 profiles

H.264 is the latest innovation in video compression technology to provide clear video for the best possible viewing experience. Every detail in the image is captured without any compromise in frame rate. This supplies an indispensable feature for object recognition (such as license plates or a person’s face). MEZORY®’s implementation of main profile encoding for CCTV video, offers users the benefits to broadcast quality video with up to 50% less storage space required in relation to MPEG4, depending on scene and quality settings.

Dual streaming

All MEZORY® encoders and IP cameras support the Tri streaming principle. By supplying three completely separate streams in different formats, video can be viewed and recorded in different qualities, and at the same time, video can be viewed on tools such as hand held devices.

Easy upgrades

MEZORY® supplies free of charge firmware upgrades for all its IP cameras. The devices can be easily upgraded remotely whenever new firmware becomes available. This ensures up-to-date products with all the latest features thus protecting your investment. To further ensure easily keeping all devices on the network up-to-date, MEZORY® provides a free of charge Configuration Manager with all IP devices which not only provides an at a glance overview of the firmware levels of all devices, but also enables a one click firmware update to multiple devices.

Image authentication

Each MEZORY® IP camera or encoder has an image authentication algorithm built-in, making sure that the images viewed or recorded are authentic and not tampered with.