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Export selection based on timeline information and search results

Time information about video footage to be exported is handed over from the search timeline to the export function in a matter of a few clicks.

Multiple exports to local PC and direct burning to CD or DVD

Exports can be started right out of the timeline from all cameras that are shown. All exports are guaranteed to be based on the same time information. Once exports are made to a local PC or workstation, they can be burned to a CD/DVD automatically.

Replay of exports from installation-free CD or DVD

Replay of exported video in highest quality for use in court is a necessity. To ensure the high quality level of replayed video and providing as much functionality as possible from the sophisticated replay features, MEZORY® runs its replay software directly from CD or DVD carrying the video export without any installation required. Evidence-based and supervised group export In the case of an incidence that requires fast investigation and collection of evidence for huge amounts of cameras, MEZORY replay and export software allow for multiple operators to search for evidence and export to a “project” directory from where a supervisor can burn the authenticated exports to DVD.