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H.264 Technology

H.264 is the latest innovation in video compression technology used by MEZORY® to provide clear video for the best possible viewing experience.

No compromise on image quality
Without compromising image quality, MEZORY® and H.264 can reduce the size of recorded video by more than 80% compared with Motion JPEG, by as much as 50% compared with the traditional MPEG-4 Part 2, and by an estimated 30% compared with MPEG-4 compression.

Reduced network load
H.264 makes a difference in demanding video surveillance applications for the same amount of video data, with the same image quality. MEZORY® CCTV product lines including Cameras, Video Recorders, VMS all support H.264 compression which reduces network load compared with conventional compression technologies. This means less network bandwidth is required for video stream resulting in a higher video quality per given bit rate. Supported by many industries and applications for consumer and professional needs, H.264 already replaced the majority of compression standards and methods used today.

H.264 Benefits
Lower storage costs without sacrificing image quality, frame rate and retention time, higher quality images and higher frame rates at the same drive size, retention time and bandwidth.

MEZORY® has implemented H.264 in all DVR, NVR creating a superior recorder that generates the best possible image quality at the highest possible resolution at a remarkable bit rate.