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Video SDK

Video SDK (Video Software Development Kit) is the core element for video management system applications and provides controlled connections to live video streams as well as recordings. MEZORY management software is fully based on the Video SDK, thus guaranteeing that the maximum of features is supported in the Video SDK also for third-party software.

Text Search Plugin SDK

This simple SDK can be used to create an application inside the Archive Player to retrieve specific information from the metadata and display it in combination with the recorded video during replay such as, text patterns received via the serial interface of an encoder like ATM data, GPS data or accounting information.

RCP plus SDK

The RCP plus SDK software development kit opens up opportunities for integration into software environments where the Video SDK is not applicable, e.g. different operating systems.


Founded in 2008 by Sony and Axis, ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) is the first step towards global standardization for interfacing network video products. ONVIF introduced an overall specification for interfacing network video devices. This enables broad interoperability and communication between different products. The whole MEZORY® range of IP cameras and encoders are fully ONVIF.