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Forensic search

The Forensic Search technology allows investigation of recorded video for specific events. As the search is based on metadata, it requires far less time than searching the real video. Video footage of days and months of multiple cameras can be analyzed within seconds. Forensic search is based on rules that can be configured intuitively on the fly to find exactly the occurrences that you are interested in. A timeline shows the retrieved events and displays the related video sequence in one click.

Timeline, time and date

Even when no metadata is stored with the video or no alarm recording is made, MEZORY recording solutions present the recordings in an easy to use time line format and allow for the possibility to easily select recordings based on date and time.

Instant playback
Search back to a predefined time (i.e. 60 sec) with one mouse-click to see how the event occurred and, at the same time, see the progress in live video.