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DVR's and hybrid recorders

MEZORY® DVRs allow storing video from analog cameras that are directly connected and provide their own, easy to set up user interface. Hybrid DVRs allow storing video from IP cameras in parallel to analog cameras.

Recording at the Edge

Sometimes you can't afford to record everything across the network, perhaps due to bandwidth limitation or cost of transportation. However, you can’t afford to miss the video when an event requires deeper investigation of the footage. To address this, recording at the edge stores inside the camera or encoder where you can search for the event and retrieve only the relevant part of the event. Recording at the edge is not limited to built-in storage media like SD/CF card or internal hard disk but can also be achieved by local Direct-to-iSCSI recording.


MEZORY® Video Recording Manager (VRM) provides a Distributed Network Video Recorder solution, eliminating the need for dedicated NVRs and signaling the second generation of IP network video recording. VRM supports iSCSI-based storage systems and MEZORY® Video-over-IP devices (IP cameras and IP video encoders). VRM eliminates the need for Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and their associated server hardware, operating systems, and anti-virus software, as well as the ongoing software patches and updates that these systems require. This makes installation, operation, and maintenance much easier while reducing the total cost of ownership.