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Multicast streaming

One of the main advantages of IP video is the ability to make the video available in more places at the same time. All MEZORY® cameras support multicast streaming, enabling the network to copy the video stream at the edge to minimize the network load. For this mechanism MEZORY utilizes the network industry standard IGMP (Multicasting Internet Group Management Protocol). Knowing that it provides sufficient maximum uplink bandwidth provide enough concurrent connections up to 10 users.

MEZORY® cameras support 264/MJPEG dual codec and multiple streaming capabilities. Users can select the relevant codec to suit their individual requirement, such as, real-time monitoring, high-quality or high-efficiency recording, mobile monitoring and E-mail notification.

Low latency

Human communication and action requires response and reaction within a certain time period to make it convenient. Our latency for live viewing connections is optimized to below 120 milliseconds, allowing undistorted audio communication and responsive PTZ control. Less than 3fps extreme less network latency provides highly efficacy monitoring environments as HD-SDI topology. Moreover, MEZORY® latency controllable architecture is able to overcome delaying with Onvif connections due to Onvif’s application layer location at OSI regulation fundamentally.

Secure links and Encryption

Sensitive data must be protected during transport and before reaching the network. MEZORY® cameras and encoders are password protected on three user levels to achieve access security where the transmission control happens. Network connections can be established using secured links for the control channels.