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Extensive usability testing ensures ease of use and efficiency when viewing video - whether from software running on a PC, or an embedded system. MEZORY provides standard, free of charge management systems to fully customizable licensed systems.


Through extensive usability testing, our ergonomic user interfaces for our software and embedded systems reduce the complexity of video management, allowing personnel to operate more efficiently.

Free of charge management system

All MEZORY® IP cameras, Network Video Recorder and Digital Video Recorders come with free of charge management systems for configuring, viewing, playback and archiving video. These systems can accommodate up to 16 cameras for IP devices and up to 16 units for digital video recorders. Extensions for additional functionality or larger camera count (up to 32) are available.

Extensive user management and logging

MEZORY® Video Management Systems come with extensive user management and logging of events to comply with local laws or restrictions on access to video and export of recordings.

Support for workflows

In critical alarm situations, our integration of default workflows within the Video Management user interface help to guide operators to take the required steps in the necessary order and in a controlled and consistent manner.